Burger Records Revolution 8 Party!

On March 7th Burger Records will be presenting shows across the Globe as part of their 8th Annual Burger Revolution World Wide Party! All shows get hyped by Burger Records! This is our 3rd year of throwing one of these fun rock-n-roll parties!

Official Line-Up
(start times and more band info forthcoming)
* Fashion Bath
* Rocky MTN Roller
* Hug
* Honeycutt
* The Styrofoam Turtles
* State Park Ranger

Burgers (Veggie too) will be served!
All Ages
$8 / $10 under 21

Mister Earthbound // Rocky MTN Roller // Sibyl // Red Dwarf

Come get heavy fuzzed!
Mister Earthbound (RVA)
A swampy blues quartet out of Richmond, Virginia, Mister Earthbound is a unique sound all its own.
Rocky MTN Roller (AVL)
Cosmic scuzz that will make you taste the mountains.
RED DWARF Asheville bandr(AVL)
Asheville’s new delicious 4 peace Science Fiction Stoner Metal band. Space Truckers unight! You’ll love this trio of dumb fucks making you feel groovy.
Sibyl (RVA)

CHEW // Via // Axxa/Abraxas

Last show of the year, y’all… Lets celebrate 2019 on Saturday Dec. 28th at Fleetwood’s! Featuring…

CHEW (atl) – ((( “[CHEW] invoke space age visions prone to explosions of electronic starburst mutiny that could have been made 50 years ago in an acid manufacturer’s garage… psychedelia’s original no-holds-barred spirit alive and in very rude health.” – Prog Magazine (UK)))

VIA – (( Shoegaze | Electronic ))

Axxa/Abraxas – ( Psychedelic bullshit )

$7 – 21+
$10 – under 21

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