Earth Collider Album Release Pt. Deux

Earth Collider is finally releasing their long awaited album, Twilight of Man. This is the second in a series of album release shows and we will be sharing the stage with long time friends of Earth Collider, Busted Chops. Whom we played our very first show with way back in 2015. We will also be sharing the stage with our cross state friends from the swamps of Wilmington, Children of the Reptile. This show is going to be a scorcher folks, and you won’t want to miss it. Come out and buy our album, you know you’ve waited too long.

Mister Earthbound // Rocky MTN Roller // Sibyl // Red Dwarf

Come get heavy fuzzed!
Mister Earthbound (RVA)
A swampy blues quartet out of Richmond, Virginia, Mister Earthbound is a unique sound all its own.
Rocky MTN Roller (AVL)
Cosmic scuzz that will make you taste the mountains.
RED DWARF Asheville bandr(AVL)
Asheville’s new delicious 4 peace Science Fiction Stoner Metal band. Space Truckers unight! You’ll love this trio of dumb fucks making you feel groovy.
Sibyl (RVA)