Woe Rounder // Chessa Rich // Joshua Carpenter

Woe Rounder- an off-shoot of Jessie and the Jinx plays original and classic country western for two steppin’. The 5 piece band plays Wanda Jackson, Johnny Paycheck, Jean Shepard, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Kitty Wells, Lead Belly, Sanford Clark and more as well as songs by Jessie Smith.

Chessa Rich is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Durham, NC. A North Carolina native, Chessa moved returned to the Triangle in 2013 and became a sought-after and reliable collaborator, adding keyboard, flute, and vocals to projects by NC artists including Skylar Gudasz, Blue Cactus, Body Games, and producer Jeff Crawford.

Joshua Carpenter-http://jcarps.com/ has done stints with Floating Action, The Nein, and even a handful of gigs here and there with cult-hero-turned-phenomenon Rodriguez. The Asheville, NC resident currently plays with Schooner, Better Twin, & Emily Easterly in addition to writing and performing under his own name. Carpenter has released two under-the-radar-but-stellar solo albums, Full Flight, in 2011, and Prey Tells, in 2017.

Carpenter’s aesthetic lends itself to Big Star’s memorable hooks with the wry, eviscerating wit of Andy Partridge. Catchy, cerebral, and a little pugnacious.

The event is finished.

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