Morgan Geer // Vaden Landers // C. Albert Blomquist

“Morgan Geer is the real thing— a songwriter with a heart as deep as the Marianas Trench and as sensitive as the wet hands of a raccoon. His songs will make you cry, but the tears will taste of oranges and strangely delightful spices. You will want more. He makes the world a more interesting place. What more can you ask of a songwriter? Long may he sing.”
Vaden Landers is a multi-instrumentalist from eastern Tennessee. As a young man he began traveling America’s highways and railroads, studying American folk music styles such as Old-time, Country, Blues, Cajun & Jug. With a voice like a young Hank Williams, and an acute musical attention to detail, he plays with an authenticity that he hopes will spread the knowledge of American culture and music through his own.

C.Albert Blomquist- Country Music

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