Fantømex//Penny//Pierce Alexander

Indie / Hardcore
Biting guitar riffs covered in fuzzy psychedelic effects, punchy driving bass and infinitely complex drum beats make up the music of Fantømex. Add to that Abigail Taylor’s vocals, every bit as demanding on record as they are live, and you’ve got something that is more than just complex for complexity sake. Fantømex carves out a space beside Math Rock that is more diverse and adventurous than previous pioneers of the genre. Essentially, this is an At The Drive-In fever dream after too many cups of coffee. This is music that you can stage dive or dance to and quite honestly, it will make you want to do both.

moody sleep rock trio of electricity and intimacy, giving self-reflection a breathe of fresh, self-depreciating, air.

Pierce Alexander
Alexander’s recent work might best be described as alternative rock with a modern edge, incorporating elements of jazz, rock, and electronic music into songs which strive to have complexity and several layers of meaning.

The event is finished.

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