Blvck Hippie //Mike Martinez //Floral Hygienists

Blvck Hippie is a Sad Boy Indie Rock Band from Memphis, TN tryna show Black kids they can be weird too.
If you listen through If You Feel Alone At Parties you’ll hear a restlessness woven into the fabric of the songs. From the angular, affected guitar to the pensive vocals, Josh Shaw (he/him) invites us into a Sad Boy Indie Rock world that feels nostalgic and pioneering at the same time. It’s a search for home in musical form, led by Shaw’s acute lyrics and ardent playing.
Mike Martinez (Natural Born Leaders)
Mad Mike Martinez lives in Asheville NC and is known in pockets of space around the country as a songwriter, vocalist, rapper, activist, frontman, and member of the band Natural Born Leaders. In the wake of a band hiatus, Mike branched out, with a fresh, three song EP of solo material, ‘Anti-Virus’, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and long overdue social unrest.
Floral Hygienists
The Floral Hygienists (FloHy) are an Asheville-based Alternative Indie band. Their sound transforms from soft and understated to huge and bombastic in the blink of an eye. Beautiful melodies and complex structures will morph into simplistic and tranquil sound waves. FloHy is Joy McCravy (Vocals/Ukulele/Bass), Tristan Smith (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), and accompaniment by Matty Garau on drums.

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