We are The Sore Losers!

What a week we have ahead at your friendly neighborhood Rock-n-Roll Wedding Chapel! We have new hours! Now open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 11am-8pm or later. Now you never have to worry about missing our faces or all the cold beer and hot deals on vintage that we serve up! This installment of Free Wednesday we are... Continue Reading →

Marc McCloud’s Groovy Movie Nights

  Every last Wednesday of the month we have Marc McCloud (our local auteur of movie culture and knowledge )grace our Rock-n-Roll chapel with a curated film of his choice. It happens to be this week and he's paying tribute to film maker Larry Cohen and will have cool trailers and trivia to open the... Continue Reading →

The Punk Flea take 2!

We're starting our week off with a bang! Wednesday there is a free show with The Living Deads and Youth and Canvas! Drink Specials and 1/2 off wine! Thursday there is killer show with dark and dreamy, dream wave bands: Crooked Ghost,The Big Lonesome and Ila Minori. Friday it's all about hairspray and spandex for Hair Metal... Continue Reading →

Punk Flea!

  What an amazing week we have coming up at Fleetwood's! This Wednesday is the first in our series of free Wednesday shows with Kill Vargas and the Sane Voids. Also we will have 1/2 off of all of our wine (by bottle or glass). Thursday we have a cool electronica synthwave scene happening with... Continue Reading →

April Fools…

It's no joke that we have some killer events that are happening this week! This Wednesday our very own Tony Bones (Viva Le Vox) will be steering the ship and we'll have 1/2 off glasses and bottles of wine. Thursday we have cool experimental sounds in the chapel with Monoculture (LA) / Glass Bricks and... Continue Reading →

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