The Punk Flea take 2!

We’re starting our week off with a bang! Wednesday there is a free show with The Living Deads and Youth and Canvas! Drink Specials and 1/2 off wine! Thursday there is killer show with dark and dreamy, dream wave bands: Crooked Ghost,The Big Lonesome and Ila Minori. Friday it’s all about hairspray and spandex for Hair Metal Karaoke with DJ Terra Ware. (free)   This Saturday is our first of many Lo-Fi Farmer’s Market with tictures and all the fruit and veg that you could possibly want! Then enjoy the tunes from Jon Worthy and the Bends with friends.Easter Sunday at Fleetwood’s you will find our re-scheduled Punk Flea (12-5pm). Then it’s a queer Easter Egg Hunt and Queer Comedy party!! (8-11)

Don’t miss a beat at Fleetwood’s! 

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