The Cowboys are coming!


It’s been a cold and rainy week so far, but things at Fleetwood’s are heating up!

THURSDAY There’s a hot Latin tinged dance party in our Rock-n-Roll wedding chapel this Thursday night with DJ HijX ,De La Chingada and DJ Dirrty Dishes (9-till)

FRIDAY there’s a cool Indie show with Anywhere from here/ Convalescent/Emotion in General and Ghost Dog

SATURDAY we’ll pull the chairs out so you can let your mind wander to the sounds of John and Kirnan Fernandes, Manas (Tashi and Thom) Planting Moon, Ben Asbury, and Old Red.

SUNDAY you have no choice but to come see The Cowboys. This band and their new album are going to blow your minds! The Minnies (Quinn/Lainey/Joanne)  and the mysterious Icelandic Mamaws round out the bill.

Don’t miss a beat! 




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